I am an oil painter, who has lived in the Bay Area, Toronto, Albuquerque, Chicago, Portland, and currently Brooklyn, NY. I attended OCAD University in Toronto from 2008 to 2009 and earned my BFA from Portland State University in 2019. I have shown in exhibitions in Portland, Chicago and St. Louis.

Artist Statement

I originally started experimenting with abstracted, layered imagery as a way to express my lived experience with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The combination of conflicting, intense emotions and heightened sensitivity to sensory input creates a cacophonous world. And while most others think in some form of language-based monologue, my thoughts are instead a continuous stream of images. Just as the sensory and emotional experiences intertwine in my mind, overlapping images in my work attempt to create a similar tension, and to imitate my thought processes.

Despite struggling in many social situations, I am fascinated by humanity and want nothing more than to feel connected to people. In many ways, I’ve learned the importance of community through many failed social interactions, friendships, and family relationships. I have experienced a lot of loneliness and isolation throughout my life, while also holding a deep desire to be united with others. While many autistic people often find social connections allusive, I believe the dynamics between community and solitude to be a topic that reaches far beyond just people with ASD. I am interested in exploring subjects such as social connectedness, family bonds, loneliness, and isolation from an autistic perspective, but with the hopes that its speaks to the experiences of many.

In my most recent paintings, I use vintage portrait photography and imagery of domesticity to explore American cultural expectations of family. I chose to make a series of paintings about family structures in an effort to understand something that has eluded me most of my life. In my adolescence and early adulthood, lived through some abusive and neglectful family relationships, leading to estrangement from several relatives; this part of my life provoked me to consider the complex nature of family, in both historical and contemporary America. Delving into this topic was ultimately a narrow-focused investigation of social bonds and - just as importantly - the absence of it.


I would like to thank the following artists for their contribution to the canon of art history and contemporary art. Though they are only a fraction of a fraction of female artists throughout history, these artists have helped me develop my own vision and artistic voice. I continue to look at their work for guidance and inspiration. This constantly-evolving list serves as my artistic matrilineage. If you are interested in my work, please also explore artwork by these amazing, and groundbreaking artists:

Alice Neel

Vivian Maier

Hilma af Klint

Suzanne Valadon

Remedios Varo

Georgia O’Keeffe

Lee Krasner

Diane Arbus

Frida Kahlo

Emily Carr

Helen Nestor

Carrie Mae Weems

Kathe Kollwitz

Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Cecily Brown

Nina Chanel Abney

Faith Ringgold

Lisa Corine Davis

Amy Sillman

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

Margaret Kilgallen

Tia Factor

Lisa Jarrett

Emilie Charmy

Marianne von Werefkin

Emma Amos